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Extra Large Granny Smith Apple Covered in Couverture Dark, Milk or White Chocolate & (1) choice selection


Large Granny Smith Apple layered in the finest couverture dark, milk or white chocolate, with your choice of topping (nuts, coconut, butterscotch and/or drizzle).


Our dark couverture chocolate contains more cocoa solids and less, sugar, vanilla, and lecithin. The high proportion of cocoa solids gives dark couverture chocolate its seductively rich, intense and somewhat earthy chocolate flavor. Our dark chocolate covered apples are as pure and unadulterated as chocolate gets, its well balances without the bitterness that is in most dark chocolates. Unique!


Our couverture milk chocolate is creamier and much sweeter than the dark couverture chocolate, with a intense chocolate flavor due to the addition of whole milk solids and more sugar. The couverture milk chocolate is a real winner resulting from its rich, velvety smooth and sweet milk chocolate taste, with traces of vanilla to create the most scrumptious delightful chocolate covered gourmet apple around…..Heavenly!


The couverture white chocolate is awfully sweet and contains cocoa butter, sugar, milk and vanilla with none of the cocoa solids that are found in the milk and dark chocolate that creates a mild bitterness, instead it creates a succulent sweet and creamy disposition that is hard to resist.  Delightful!!.....SAY WHAT!!

 $20.00 Minimuim Order required





Let us know your chocolate selection & your (1) choice of topping & drizzle selection

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