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About Us

WHAT ABOUT THEM APPLES decided to create and revamp the historical Carnival Candy Apple that was originally introduced back in the early 1900's. In the past the Carnival Candy Apple had been a common treat at many autumn festivals in the Western Culture and Northern Hemisphere and made available during the annual apple season events such as Halloween and Guy Fawkes Night in Great Britain. As time progressed the carnival apple became hard to find and almost a thing of the past and when reminiscing we started to realize just how much we enjoyed the traditional carnival apple and knew it would be great to enjoy them once again with a special added twist.

We decided to not only re-create the traditional carnival apple, but also do a little something different with the traditional caramel apple, like offer more variety and enhancement of the taste, we wanted to design a gourmet apple specifically for the connoisseur of fine and exquisite treats and in doing so, we decided to take a renaissance approach to remaking and recreating the traditional candy and caramel apple, while retaining its well known traditional familiarity.

At WHAT ABOUT THEM APPLES we strive for uniqueness and originality in our gourmet apple treats, with each apple being prepared by hand to ensure a one of a kind original…SAY WHAT!!!!

When it comes to the selection of our apples, we use only Granny Smith Apples, well known for their firm uncompromising crisp hard shell and sharp tart taste. Our apples are hand picked to ensure freshness before they meet our seal of approval.

Our Gourmet Candy Coating is prepared from scratch and available in over 25 tangy, tasty and tropical flavors and come with a guarantee you’re in for one delightful satisfying treat….slice your candy apple in 6 to 8 pieces and ENJOY!!!

When it comes to toppings we use only the finest ingredients starting with our unique special recipe house caramel, prepared daily using rich crème and butter to create the most delicious special recipe caramel around. When it came to chocolate, we selected a exquisite fine couverture chocolate over confectionary chocolate because of its rich and intense chocolate flavor, high sheen, smooth finish, brittle texture (snaps when broken) and low melting point which we knew you would simply enjoy.

Our Signature Gourmet Apples are made using our special recipe house caramel, then drenching the granny smith apple in the freshest in novelty candy topping, and finalizing your signature gourmet treat with a layer of fine chocolate to create one unforgettable gourmet experience.....SIMPLY MARVELOUS!

At WHAT ABOUT THEM APPLES we offer a variety of creations for holidays, special occasions, business events, graduations, customer appreciation and birthday events. We'll design a custom assortment to match your event and/or color scheme, give us a call for more details.

WHAT ABOUT THEM APPLES takes pride in being the most creative and original gourmet apple maker in town and we would like you to know that there are no (2) two gourmet apples exactly 100% alike, each apple we make is an original, a one of a kind creation.....SAY WHAT!!!!

Lastly, we believe that incredible products and outstanding service work genuinely well together. If for any reason you are not satisfied with any of our products, you have our personal guarantee we will work with you to ensure your satisfaction.

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